Pricing Model - India

Only India based Small or Medium Scale business Apps can be purchased online in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers using the below pricing model

One backend Website
Native Android App
9/5 email Support
1 year hosting free
One  backend Website
Android and IOS App
9/5 email Support
1 year hosting free


One Dynamic Website 
1 Backend Website for administration 
Android & IOS App, 9/5 email Support
First 2 year hosting free

Note: We have a premium tier named IND PLATINUM Tier

which is ideal for customers who doesn't have any web presence for their business because it supports hassle-free end to end service, and all are owned by customer, service includes, a CMS website with payment gateway including Logo, SEO services
along with Android & IOS Hybrid App, click here to know more about platinum tier service